What’s new – 10th September 2017

I’m happy to say that we’re back up to full speed! Summer is behind us, and the wet weather has given us the perfect excuse to start attacking the support tickets and emails which continue to flood in.

Fifteen or so support tickets have been reviewed and sorted out this weekend, fixing the following bugs:

We’re going to start working on some new maps in the coming weeks, as well as preparing for further engineering works happening later in the year – as well as other projects to bring you even more detail on maps.

Until next time, keep watching the trains!

What’s new – 4th September 2017

It’s taken much longer than we ever thought, but the new London Bridge and North Kent Lines maps are now live.

So, what took us so long? It’s just down to a case of bad planning – although the signalling plans arrived some months before the work was to be carried out, we didn’t carry out our normal assessment of how much we need to change on our maps. That, coupled with plenty of other work and holidays meant we’re running slightly behind.

The good news is that the final layout of London Bridge and the surrounding area will now be much, much easier to draw, and we’re fully anticipating the next updates will be ready much closer to the event.

We’re also updating the London Waterloo map in the next few days – we won’t make an announcement as it’s trivial, but you can expect the new points and signalling around the low numbered platforms to be shown on the map soon.