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  1. Hi There,

    Just a message to say how impressed with the site I am.
    I have been looking for a site like this for a while and cannot get over how fantastic it is.
    Please, Please, Please keep up the fantastic work.
    I was wandering if there are any plane for a Liverpool Lime St – Man Vic map?
    As you already have MerseyRail covered it would be great to cover my whole daily journey to work 🙂

    Thanks for the site.

  2. Hi, firstly thanks very much for a fantastic site. It’s fascinating and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into providing it for us.

    Could you please tell me if there is any particular reason on the St Pancras Intl (Eurostar) map it doesn’t show TRTS activation or signal aspect colours? Also what are the yellow and blue indicators located in the London tunnel.

    Thanks again.


    • Thanks for your feedback – always appreciated. The train describer for the High Speed 1 route doesn’t publish any signal or route indications, which is a shame as it’d make the map look really good! The yellow and blue markers are TVM 430 block markers – have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmission_Voie-Machine for a better explanation. They’re like ETCS marker boards on the Cambrian lines, but for a different in-cab signalling system

  3. Excellent site. Enjoying watching the real-time changes around Swindon as the signalling system is upgraded there and moved to TVSC. Any chance you will do the whole Golden Valley line (Swindon to Cheltenham) sometime?


    • Hi Bill – yes, I’m hoping to do the Swindon to Cheltenham map soon! There are so many requests for maps but so little time, so it may be a few weeks before I can get it done though

  4. I love this site it is totally awesome.I am so glad I stumbled across it just recently.I would appreciate it if you could put on a key for all the abbreviations on the site. Is there any chance of adding Skipton station to the website as my father in law follows trains being a ex fireman on steam trains in that area.

  5. I just ran across this website last night (my time) and want to thank you for what obviously is a labor of love! I’m a Yank from the Seattle area who happens to be very much intrigued by the British rail network — in fact, one of my goals is to be able at some point to say that I’ve ridden every active passenger segment on the network (since some routes come and go, it will have to be at a specific point in time). I’m a little over 50% done, but due to physical limitations my travel has been curtailed temporarily.

    At any rate, you can consider this an unofficial request for coverage of any route that’s not yet covered — I’m not choosy!

  6. Could you explain to this guy from Massachusetts what the green highlight on some paths through junctions represents. As a retired US engineer, I’m familiar with our style of dispatcher panel displays and I’m surious how yours correlates.

  7. Hi I am new to your wonderful site but can you tell me how I stop the Trains tab opening to the advance search. I do not want 25 pages of 492946 entries.
    Is it possible to put the place that you want to search on, say Didcot, tomorrow and only get this information. I am using this on my laptop using the browser Edge.
    Thanking you in anticipation

  8. Hi this is rob . Just want to say what great site this is and will look forward to visiting this site for years to come . Are there any plans to cover the Ely area which is close to where I live thanks for help.

  9. Gloucester Map:

    Heading west out of Gloucester, have a look at signals 1421 and 1039.
    It looks like the signals are correctly numbered, but the data field on each need to be swapped.

  10. Excellent site, I realise a lot of hard work goes into it!!

    Are there any plans to include Liskeard to Penzance?

    Many thanks,


  11. Guys,

    When you get a moment, can you move Tonbridge (excl) to Hastings (excl) from the Sussex menu to the Kent menu?

    Although the route lies mostly in East Sussex, its managed by NR as part of the Kent route. It just seems a more logical place for it.

    Sorry about the OCD in me!

  12. Brilliant site – thanks for all your hard work.

    Is it possible for signal aspects, trts and route selections to be shown for the Euston – Harlesden section of the Euston – Wembley map please?


  13. A long time ago, mention was made of the “Chatham” side of the Kent route being added, but nothing has appeared so far. I do realise that everything you do to the site takes time, but is this still on the horizon?


  14. Great site , I work for NR as a signal technician and find it very useful. Just one point , what’s happened to Selmeston AHB’s between Glynde and Berwick on the Brighton-Eastbourne line ?

  15. Peter – greetings – two things about SCU1 – have you discovered the number of the shunt signal at Sanderstead that allows movements from the down line thru the crossover and into Plat 1 (ie a reversing move). Secondly I believe that the first down berth in the Ashurst loop should actually be in the Cowden single line (as is the case in the Eridge single line where two are shown.

    Regards – Jan

  16. Hi. I often use the site and find it usefull. I’d love to see maps from Doncaster to Hull via Selby (Hull Trains Route) if at all possible.

    I’m sure you get many of these requests. I don’t know if you need help for track diagram research or not – if you do let me know.


  17. Thanks for producing this excellent site, it’s fascinating to watch, especially Charing Cross at rush hour! Appreciate the recent extension to the WCML.

    On the maps for Charing X, Cannon Street and St. Pancras Intl (platforms 1-4), what is the significance of the dotted lines, as opposed to solid black lines, before the starting signal is cleared? Some extend over one berth, some across two berths.

    Many thanks.

  18. Hi There.
    Many thanks for investing your time and expertise on this site. For an old railway buff like me who is fascinated by the signalling and routing of services it is the go-to site.
    As a west country duffer, any additions to the west of Liskeard would get my vote, but I feel certain you have great plans going forward.
    Is there any way that we the users can support you in this excellent initiative?

  19. Thanks for all your work on this site. I use this regularly in regards to Headcodes and signal berths whilst empty stock, a valuable tool! Any plans for central Manchester, Ordsall Lane, Castlefield etc in the future?

    Keep up the good work,


  20. Routes at Westerleigh Junction, on South Wales main line, look muddled up. Maybe nunbering of single lead junction crossovers is wrong?

  21. I actually quite like the website. Very easy and simple and ideal when looking at train timetables. I really do like it. Great Work.

    Andrew John Gwilt

  22. Thanks so much for the updated layout of Bristol East Junction and Temple Meads Station.
    Brilliant service – Thanks and keep it up..

  23. I believe that there is a minor error on the Leeds diagram in regards to platform 0.
    A train arrives at the platform and appears in the “last Arrival” berth but the train that this forms does not appear i.e. 2Y02 forms 2H29 but on departure time the signal is shown clear and the route set and the first time that 2H29 appears is in berth 3642, this also happened with the next service to/from platform 0.

  24. Are you able to provide maps displaying routes on the London Underground? There aren’t any maps showing live train movements online for the London Underground, yet so many people rely on it to travel around London.

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