Advent Fixes

As with last week, we’ve been hard at work getting through the backlog of fixes to maps on the site, as well as releasing a new map

We’re proud to present a new map of Cardiff Queen Street to Coryton, Rhymney and Cardiff Bay, which is controlled by Network Rail at the Wales ROC in Cardiff.

In terms of fixes:

  • The Swansea map is updated and reflects the re-control of the Port Talbot West area to a new WestCAD system at Port Talbot PSB
  • We’ve redrawn part of the Horsham map and fixed the long-standing bug with signal and route indications, adding Train Ready to Start indications for the platforms
  • The Stalybridge to Penistone, Healy Mills and Leeds map reflects the resignalling in the Dewsbury area and the changes at Stalybridge
  • At Gatwick Airport, we’ve updated the track layout on platforms 6 and 7
  • Reston station now appears on the Edinburgh to Berwick map

Coming up at Christmas, we’ll have a refreshed and redrawn map of the West Hampstead PSB control area, reflecting the re-control to a number of new WestCAD workstations. This will have comprehensive signal aspect and route set indications.

4 thoughts on “Advent Fixes

  1. Matthew,
    On Weekdays the two signals at Horsham platform 4 are used by Southern trains that Split at Horsham. The Trains are hourly to Southampton or Portsmouth & Southsea and twice hourly to Bognor Regis. The front portion of the train either forms the service to Southampton or Portsmouth & Southsea. Southampton services Arrive and Depart as a 1JEven and Portsmouth & Southsea services Arrive and Depart as a 1CEven The rear portion becomes a 1BEven to Bognor Regis. If the train is a 12 car train with 8 cars for Southampton / Portsmouth & Southsea, the split occurs in berth 843. However if the train is only eight cars the split occurs in berth 847 and two staff are then required on the platform to give the driver of the rear portion the state of signal 843 as it is behind his cab. One person to observe the signal 843 and flag to the second person who flags the driver.

  2. Mathew,
    I suspect that Signal 846 exists as there is a track circuit break between 843 and 847 and therefore there has to be a mid platform in the opposite direction for trains that come from the sidings 1421 / 1423 to behind 1406 and start a service towards London early morning on Weekdays.
    I think 854 may be a restricted aspect signal and may need to be shown as white as most but not all restricted aspect signals have no red condition.

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