January 2024 Interim Release

In the last few weeks, we’ve once again been busy updating the site for you.

The Bristol map includes the Ebbw Vale Town branch from Ebbw Junction and Gaer Junction. Network Rail have completed the work to replace Park Junction signal box, and we now have real-time data for trains on the branch.

We’ve made lots of small map updates:

  • On the Marylebone map, we now have route indications to and from all platforms and sidings, as well as additional berths added at Neasden and TRTS indications at Bicester Village
  • The route from Y872 signal controlling movements from Selby toward Doncaster was not showing any indications, and this is fixed
  • Some minor fixes are in place at Allerton, Berwick and Acton Main Line
  • The redundant Westhorpe Branch has been removed from the Sheffield map
  • Platforms 0 and 1 at Leeds were not showing trains in the platform, which has been resolved
  • Elmers End platform numbers are now fixed
  • We’ve made improvements to the fringe between Kettering and Bedford, as well as fixing some issues with the Thameslink North map

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an improved map of the Ashford area, and a new map in the Midlands area.

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