What's new – 1st May 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of change on the railway. This week is no exception – we have two major pieces of signalling work going on, and we’ve been hard at work all week updating our maps.

First off, the London Victoria to East Croydon (exc.) map has been updated to include data from the new control system at Three Bridges ROC. This WestCAD fringes with Three Bridges ASC between Norbury and Thornton Heath, and Victoria ASC between Balham and Streatham Common. It’s the first of several stages to move control from the panels at Victoria ASC to the ROC at Three Bridges.

Second, and no less importantly, the Wingfield Tunnel to Meadowhall map has been updated to reflect Sheffield PSB’s closure. Control moves to two workstations in the York ROC covering the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

Since redrawing and updating these maps has taken a lot longer than anticipated, there are still some bugs which are waiting to be fixed. They will be fixed during this week, with another minor update being released next Sunday.

Until next time, enjoy the new maps!

// Peter