What's New – 26th July 2015

A fortnight has gone by already. Sometimes, I’m not sure where the days and weeks go.

Work on the London Waterloo – Clapham Junction map is going well, although Clapham Junction is a complicated area, so it’s not quite ready. However, to make up for it, we have a new map of Exeter St. Davids – Liskeard, which is as far west as train describer coverage goes.

There are also now route indications shown on the Kenton to Tring map at Watford Junction, a few trivial issues fixed on the GNGE map, and the Bethnal Green – Cheshunt map is now under a new section on the maps page.

That’s it for today. There’s a pint in the pub with my name on it…

What's New – 12th July 2015

The past three weeks have gone quickly. I’ve been working on some other projects (more about that in a few weeks) and making the most of the sunshine – but still, I’ve managed to find time to get another handful of things fixed on the site.

The changes this time are centred around the Wessex maps:

As always, there are a handful of minor bug-fixed as a result of your feedback:

  • Occasionally, conflicting signal aspects and routes would be shown on certain maps – this was down to an error in the way TD messages are processed, and was very hard to fix – but it’s fixed now, so signals and routes should show correctly
  • The East Grinstead and Uckfield branch map will now show trains arriving and departing from platform 3
  • The Sandwell & Dudley to Penkridge now has berths for some signals between Dudley Port and Tipton, and a few signal indications are now fixed

I think I’ve earned a cup of tea now. Please keep your emails coming in!