What's New – 12th July 2015

The past three weeks have gone quickly. I’ve been working on some other projects (more about that in a few weeks) and making the most of the sunshine – but still, I’ve managed to find time to get another handful of things fixed on the site.

The changes this time are centred around the Wessex maps:

As always, there are a handful of minor bug-fixed as a result of your feedback:

  • Occasionally, conflicting signal aspects and routes would be shown on certain maps – this was down to an error in the way TD messages are processed, and was very hard to fix – but it’s fixed now, so signals and routes should show correctly
  • The East Grinstead and Uckfield branch map will now show trains arriving and departing from platform 3
  • The Sandwell & Dudley to Penkridge now has berths for some signals between Dudley Port and Tipton, and a few signal indications are now fixed

I think I’ve earned a cup of tea now. Please keep your emails coming in!

2 thoughts on “What's New – 12th July 2015

  1. Peter,

    Spotted one small error, at New Cross on the North Kent map a signal and berth on the down Charing Cross line are shown on the Up Cannon St line at platform A. Signal 221 is between 215 and 225. The correct info displays but is just located in the wrong place.

    Great website.


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