Scheduled downtime – Saturday 21st June 2014

OpenTrainTimes is a popular site – so much so that it’s necessary to upgrade one of the servers that runs the site.

To do this, there will be an outage from approximately 0900 to 1300 on the morning of Saturday 21st June, and the site will be offline during this time.

After this upgrade is complete, there will be plenty of spare capacity on the site to allow the next set of exciting features to be developed… watch this space!

What's new – 3rd June 2014

I missed the Sunday planned release date due to a family bereavement – I’ve had too many of those over the past year. However, it has been somewhat comforting to sit and concentrate on drawing maps.

So, a little later than planned, the Liverpool Street to Romford map and Rugby to Birmingham map are both now live.

Coming up next, the Paddington map will be returning, as well as Rugby and the Trent Valley.