Scheduled downtime – Saturday 21st June 2014

OpenTrainTimes is a popular site – so much so that it’s necessary to upgrade one of the servers that runs the site.

To do this, there will be an outage from approximately 0900 to 1300 on the morning of Saturday 21st June, and the site will be offline during this time.

After this upgrade is complete, there will be plenty of spare capacity on the site to allow the next set of exciting features to be developed… watch this space!

One thought on “Scheduled downtime – Saturday 21st June 2014

  1. Congratulations on all that your hard work of past months/years has achieved!

    As a long ago retired BR train planner, your efforts are very interesting and useful to view. Might I, with respect, point out one or two items on the West and East Coastway diagrams that you might want to correct?

    On the West Coastway, the engineering work on that line this past weekend, using your sister RealTimeTrains site as well, suggests that a shunt signal at Worthing is missing – that to cover the move at the east end of the station from Up to Down, reverse of the move controlled by Sig.202. The missing number would appear to be LG201.

    On the East Coastway, on the Down at Glynde, the signal approaching the station should probably be numbered 1351 – 1355 is in advance of Glynde! In the same area on the Up, Sig.LW40 seems to maintain a red aspect continually – if that is the case, should it not be “grayed out”? Finally, near the far end of the line, towards Ashford, the Sig.No. 894 is shown “backwards”!

    I trust you don’t mind me pointing these items out – I am very appreciative of all the info that is now so readily available, and look forward to any additions that may be made in the future particularly relative to the old BR Southern Central Division area.

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