What's new – 20th March

In some ways, this is a minor update, but in others (especially if you like maps!), more major. Whatever you want to call it, here’s what’s in the mid-week release:

  • The Wolverton – Rugby map has been extended up to Shilton and the fringe with the West Midlands Signalling Centre on the lines up to Coventry. A couple of other miniscule bugs with missing routes have been fixed.
  • URLs in the format http://www.opentraintimes.com/location/XXX/to/YYY now work and will show all trains between XXX and YYY on the current date and time
  • The Feedback link now works – apologies, a previous update managed to break it!
  • Differential speeds in TSRs now match the same format as the Weekly Operating Notice
  • Some Javascript libraries have been updated to improve compatibility with certain browsers

There’s other cool stuff in the pipeline which I’ll be working on over the next few days. I’m also at the FutureEverything Innovation Challenge in Manchester this weekend – if you’re there, come say hello!

What's new – 17th March

It’s Sunday, which means I’m at the end of several hours of coding. OpenTrainTimes 2.1.3 has been unleashed with one new feature and several bug-fixes:

  • The Schedule Validity calendar has returned – when you’re looking at a schedule, click the ‘Functions’ button and select ‘Show validity calendar’
  • Trains that call more than once (for example, where a train calls at Barnes, runs via Hounslow and calls at Barnes again later) now appear correctly in a location page
  • TSR information has been updated and now looks more like the data in the Weekly Operating Notice
  • TOC codes are now shown in Working Timetable (WTT) mode when showing only arrivals or departures
  • Castle Yard (Northampton) is now included on the Wolverton – Rugby map

What's new – 13th March

I’ve taken the opportunity to fix a couple of things mid-week, and also launch a surprise new map:

  • Sharnbrook Junction is now correctly drawn on the Bedford – Kentish Town map
  • New signalling diagram – there’s a new map of Bletchley – Bedford (Marston Vale), complete with level crossings, signal aspects and routes
  • Internet Explorer 10 compatibility has been improved slightly and the feedback button has been fixed on IE10
  • Ledburn Junction and Bourne End Junction on the Kings Langley – Wolverton map had some berths accidentally removed – these have now been put back
  • Minor updates – the TD Status page now shows the train describers at Glasgow and Thrumpton
  • Willesden Junction now has two berths on platform 4, as trains can reverse there


What's new – 10th March

It seems like ages since I last posted here, but I’ve not been sitting idle.

OpenTrainTimes 2.1.1 went live a few minutes ago, and here are the changes:

  • From/To filtering – you can now search for trains that have come from, or go to, another location. Click the “Trains” link at the top of the page, then click “By location, date and time”
  • The Bedford – Kentish Town map now extends up to the fringe with Leicester and include Sharnbrook Junction
  • Allowances for trains are now shown correctly where half-minutes are involved
  • Facility icons are now shown in schedule pages – you can see Sleeper trains, catering and reservation statuses
  • West Coast Mainline maps have been extended up past Rugby and several bugs have been fixed thanks to a few eagle-eyed people – thank you!
  • VSTP schedules will be appearing soon – there’s a lot of work that’s gone in to integrating the functionality for them in to the site, and I’m hoping to make another minor release before the end of the week

Until next time – enjoy 🙂