October 2020 Update

We’re a couple of weeks behind on getting our October update tested and live, but when you see the updated Euston to Wembley Central map, you’ll understand why it’s taken so long!

Network Rail have enabled signal aspect and route setting data for the rest of Wembley Mainline SCC. That’s both the Willesden Surburban WestCAD, controlling the “DC Lines” from Watford Junction to Camden Junction, and some of the signalling for Wembley Yard. The WestCAD workstation controlling Wembley Central to Kings Langley and St Albans Abbey was already outputting this data, and we’ve had this since early 2015.

That’s the big one – we’ve also extended the Guildford map to Aldershot South Junction and made some fixes to the Wakefield Kirkgate map. We’ve also added the St Albans Abbey branch line to our Wembley to Tring map. This will show train movements in the near future.

In case you missed it, we’ve also been busy working on a data-driven approach to train maintenance, and we blogged about it a week or two ago. Taking on work such as this helps us keep the public site free.

Until next time, keep safe and wear a mask!

15 thoughts on “October 2020 Update

  1. Is there any way you can make the DC lines one continuous line please. Having them in three sections north of Harlesden takes a lot of scrolling, especially on a phone. Other than that, well done

    • That’s the only downside to drawing the sidings on the map – there’s not enough room without making the map even taller which has its own issues. What if we produced a copy of the map but without the sidings but with the DC? Would that work?

  2. Hi please leave the map Euston Wembley as it is , makes me laugh this Brilliant website is free and people don’t like scrolling haha unbelievable.

  3. I know this is a minor point, but I’m amused to see electric trains working the WCML north of Birmingham are being shown as operated by Class 506s … now that would be interesting, especially with a top speed of 110 mph !

    Good stuff though, I wouldn’t be without it.

  4. South Kenton station is incorrectly depicted as two separate platforms. It is in fact an island platform.

  5. TO PETER,
    The bristol east junction has been redone, but i do not know yet what they have done, but trains seem to be crossing from lines where there is no points on the existing map, This now needs updating.

    regards paul.

  6. Hi when is there going to be the next update please middlesbrough is getting upgraded for signalling. Its been a while since the last update this is one of the best diagram websites.

    Regards Robert

  7. Wherrington dive under is open.
    Down trains vanish from the berth after the long ladder on the down slow and reappear in the second berth towards Lincoln (7007) on the GNGE diagram.

  8. Only just discovered this website. Brilliant for the South Wales Mainline movements. I now know exactly when the St Fagans, St George’s and Pontsarn level crossing barriers will lower. Brilliant!

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