April 2022 update

It’s been a while since we updated the blog – there have been releases and updates since our last post, and we’ve just not posted about them. We’re going to cover this week’s updated.

We have a new map of the Burton-on-Trent area. This new map covers, amongst other parts of the railway, Central Rivers Depot, Hams Hall and Tamworth Low Level. It will join up with other maps in due course covering Washwood Heath and Walsall.

Network Rail’s Feltham and Wokingham Resignalling Programme is about to complete Phase 2, with control of the Ascot area moving over to a new control system at Basingstoke ROC. We’ve updated several of our maps to show this.

Finally, we’ve just released updates to the site to add in the crossings at Watford North Junction which aren’t being brought in to use just yet, but will be in the future.

Please remember to report problems with the maps to support@opentraintimes.com so we can fix them and importantly, let you know when they’re fixed.

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