What’s new – 3rd January 2018

Happy New Year to you all – we’ve been hard at work over the Christmas break updating several maps, which are now live:

As well as those major pieces of work, there are a handful of minor things that have been fixed:

  • Between Winsford and Crewe, some signals were placed out-of-order
  • At Lydney, some berths were missing from the loops
  • On the Exeter map at Norton Fitzwarren, signal E627 was mis-drawn as a ground position light signal, rather than a main aspect
  • Signal 7125 at Metheringham failed to show a train description
  • Route from signal S136 at Sheffield were drawn incorrectly

There is still competition back at OpenTrainTimes HQ between updating the public site and working on projects which bring in the money we need to keep the public site running. We have a rather large backlog of support tickets waiting to be answered – if you’ve logged something and not had a reply, we’re sorry – and we’ll get around to responding as soon as we can.

Until next time (which will be sooner than three months since last time!), enjoy the maps!

8 thoughts on “What’s new – 3rd January 2018

  1. Why are the crossrail marker boards shown as being TVM540 style boards rather then the ECTS boards as shown on the thameslink map?

  2. On the revised Paddington map you are missing a new crossover between signals SN52/54 and signal SN26 on Line 1. This allows the sidings to be accessed to/from Platforms 1 to 5 inclusive.

  3. On the Westbury to castle Cary map you are showing a trailing crossover between the Up and Down lines that does not exist (between W789 and W788 signals).

  4. On the Taunton to Exeter map you are missing an Up direction signal and TD berth E483 on the Relief Line between signals E611/E613 and signals E120/E622.

  5. Great, thank you very much for the updates, realise you are working hard and very grateful for the update info whenever it comes. All the best to you and any helpers!

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