What’s new – 1st October 2017

After a lot of work, the Bristol Parkway map has been redrawn slightly and extended to cover the Avonmouth loop and the Severn Beach branch.

Drawing and making the Filton Diamond look sensible was a challenge. For those of you not familiar with the area, Google Maps shows it well. West from Bristol Parkway are two tracks to the north and two to the south, plus a single track across. From the north and south, the track splits in to a single line toward the west. It all sounds pretty straightforward, but representing it on a map and making it look and feel usable was one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever undertaken.

Due to spending all our time working on this map, the only other update is on the Wilmslow map, where routes from MS4132 now show.

It’s time for a much needed chill-out now. We’re working nearly seven days a week on OpenTrainTimes and other projects, but planning on tackling a couple of smaller, simpler routes for the next update in a couple of weeks.

5 thoughts on “What’s new – 1st October 2017

  1. I couldn’t help being amused at your “slight redrawing” of the Bristol Pway map. I used to work for a boss who would come in and say she had made “a few wee changes” to a draft. In the case of a letter all that was left was Dear Sir and Yours faithfully ….. a very difficult map to do, well done. (and an excellent addition)

  2. Between Severn Beach and St Andrews Junction there are a new set of sidings. These serve the Severnside Sita energy recovery centre. This is used to burn London waste and is served by bin linner trains from Brentford.

  3. Fantastic work. Well done!

    Really looking forward to seeing Temple Meads being added (but have a couple of weeks chilling first!)

  4. Nice work. SIM Sig has a good layout for the Bristol area… Enjoy playing that. Wish you guys would get together 🙂

    Also. Any chance of you adding the Leicester to Burton line in? It’s little used and it would be great to know when a train is due so I can go see.
    On that note… Does your site allow for alerts to be set at way points so my phone will alert me when a train enters a certain area? That would be useful.

    Keep up the great work..

  5. Hi, Thanks for a very useful tool. Just a little error to point out. You have a Limit Of Shunt marked as 1303 just north of Retford on ECM1. This is actually D1353 LOS.

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