What’s new – 26th February 2017

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks bringing you two new maps, one updated map and a brand new feature. All of these have been requested by a number of people over the last few months and whilst we can’t always drop all our plans to implement something new, we can shape what happens long-term.

For the impatient, here are the most important bits of news:

  • Each map now has three checkboxes at the bottom – "Signal Numbers" will toggle signal numbers off and on, "Signals" will do the same for signals, and "Berths" will only show berths with descriptions
  • The Retford to Colton Junction map extends our coverage of the East Coast Main Line up to Doncaster
  • Going further north, the Bentley to Holbeck Junction map covers the route through Wakefield Westgate up to just south of Leeds
  • We’ve also updated the Leeds are map, tidied up some of the lines and added route indications to the south side of the station
  • The Hinton Admiral to Weymouth map now has indications displayed in the Dorchester West signalbox area

For anyone who’s still here and hasn’t rushed off to look at the Doncaster map, there are a bunch of smaller things, including updating the Great Eastern Main Line maps for the imminent move of Shenfield IECC to the ROC at Romford, fixes for signals, berths and routes not showing correctly, and updates in the Queenstown Road area outside London Waterloo, an extension of the Westbury map to include Bradford Junction.

Phew. Time for a cup of tea…!

11 thoughts on “What’s new – 26th February 2017

  1. Hi poss a sillly question
    In a dream situation
    Would like use your maps
    See a headcode
    Then click on it
    Opens a full context of that train
    Poss link to real time trains or any others
    Railcam yours etc
    And next big one
    What is the number
    Appart from all network rail ltraffic going on full
    GPS with map
    How could it be done
    Sorry if big question
    But app
    Can’t be to far away
    Thank you

  2. Great site and very useful
    Hi I’m a developer and I’m pretty new to the subject of real time trains, I’m on the hunt for a source list of WTT codes that I can hive off and use in my own database, I’m not familiar enough with API’s to use a direct link so I would prefer if I could find a list somewhere
    So you know f such a source

  3. excellent work, much appreciated, great to see Donny up at last. Btw the leeds bradford map showing halifax title instead of keighley. great stuff rgds Alan

  4. MOn the LNE map page seems a new route Leeds West to Bradford and Halifax has appeared!

    Might suggest that it would be better to remove entries for ‘Airedale Valley’ (actually operationally known as Leeds North West), ‘Yorkshire’ (Leeds – Hornbeam) and ‘Wakefield Westgate’ and consolidate under ‘West Yorkshire’ as follows:
    Leeds Station
    Leeds (West) to Ilkley, Shipley, Bradford F Sq, Skipton and Gargrave
    Leeds (West) to Hornbeam Park
    Bentley to Leeds (West) *

    * Holbeck Junction doesn’t factor on this part of the map and applies the Old Midland Route between Leeds and Wakefield Kirkgate

    But overall, bar these localised pedant comments for my patch, looking good!

    • Oops – it shows where we’d originally planned to extend the map! It’ll be fixed in time for next week – and we’re also overhauling the way the maps work since there are nearly 100 of them, so many of them may change their names

  5. Just found your wonderful website. I know everyone would like their own particular area but I really hope that sometime you might consider the links from:
    Castle Cary to Taunton
    Taunton to Exeter
    Bristol to Taunton

    The fact that these are missing is no reflection on the brilliant work you are doing.


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