Storm Doris and the latest running trains

Thursday 23rd February was the busiest day ever on the site – we had over twice the number of visitors to the site and at one point, had well over a thousand users viewing our live maps. Our continual monitoring and service improvement meant we only had a single alert from our monitoring system – and that was a warning rather than an error.

Looking back over what happened that day, we’ve dug out the trains which arrived at their destination the latest. Virgin Trains’ 0840 Glasgow Central to London Euston arrived 351 minutes late at 1901 vice 1310, and on the freight side of things, the 2022 Cardiff Tidal to Mossend arrived 488 minutes late.

2 thoughts on “Storm Doris and the latest running trains

  1. Please can u include the missing section between Wokingham and guildford has I travel on that section 5 days a week also basingstoke to southampton thank u very much, colin

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