What’s new – 5th February 2017

It’s been three weeks since the last release, and we’ve been hard at work bringing you numerous bug-fixes and improvements, as well as three very important map updates:

  • The Manningtree to Norwich map extends our coverage of the Great Eastern Main Line up through Ipswich to Norwich. Whilst we have signal aspects for most of the map, route indications aren’t supplied as default by the train describer, and we’re working on calculating them
  • The Airedale Valley map covers the suburban lines from outside Leeds to Shipley, Ilkley, Bradford Forster Square and Skipton – with full route coverage
  • The West Ealing to Airport Junction and Heathrow now has full route coverage!

Some of the smaller, but still important changes include:

  • Coverage of Allington Junction getting signal and route indications (although the data from the train describer isn’t complete)
  • The misconfigured and mispositioned berths at Macclesfield, Heaton Chapel and Levenshulme are fixed
  • The bay platforms at Reading and Newbury, which previously didn’t show trains terminating in the platform, will now show the last train to enter the platform
  • To everyone who took the time to get in touch over the past few weeks – a massive thank you. We log every email we receive to the support email address and try our hardest to get issues fixed as quickly as we can. Sometimes this takes a while, so if you’ve been waiting patiently, sorry!

    And now we’re done for another few weeks. The next map will be a secret, but is one that’s going to be really popular!

5 thoughts on “What’s new – 5th February 2017

  1. I’ve noticed a bug in the Cardiff/Bridgend map.
    I just (1045 ish) clicked on 1F08 coming in to Cardiff at signal 2225 and this takes me to the timetable for service 2G62, the 2226 Cardiff to Gloucester. 1F08 is the train from Portsmouth Harbour terminating at Cardiff.
    Hope you can fix this. I’ve noticed similar happening at other times

  2. Thanks for adding the Ipswich-Felixstowe branch especially. As someone who works up and down the branch we will be able to see what we are waiting for coming the opposite way.

  3. Thank you for a priceless resource. I use it every day. NR are now copying your initiative: there’s even a public OTT-style live diagram on Platform 3 at Oxford Station. Any news on filling the WCML gap between Winsford and Leyland?

  4. This is the second update where you’ve teased us with promise of a massive long awaited update which will be really popular.
    You must be going to fill in the gaps on the ECML.. ie Doncaster area and North of the border ie Newcastle upon Tyne to Edinburgh.

  5. Thank you for your latest Blog, 5th Feb 17. Ref the bay platforms at Reading, surely the three right-hand platforms showing “Last train” should be labelled Platforms 4, 5, and 6 respectively, and not duplicate the left-hand group as 1, 2 & 3?
    Best wishes,
    David Meyrick

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