What's new – 11th December 2016

Some of us aren’t fans of winter – it’s too dark and grey for too long. But looking on the bright side, it’s the perfect opportunity to keep OpenTrainTimes up-to-date with new maps and fixes!

This time, we have two items of note.

  • First, as a result of a request from a regular user of the map, the Purley to Tattenham Corner and Caterham map now contains route indications – although some aren’t provided in enough detail from Three Bridges to be able to show them all at Purley.
  • Secondly, still on the Southern region, we have a brand new map of Tonbridge (exc.) to Hastings (exc.), which fills in the gap between the Brighton Main Line and the East Coastway line. This route is signalled at the north from Tonbridge (although curiously Ashford controls Tonbridge station) with signals prefixed ‘PE’, fringing with Robertsbridge at the single-line between Wadhurst and Stonegate, and the southern end from Bopeep Junction.

We’re also hard at work on the Wembley Freight map, which is hugely complicated but looking impressive, and for Christmas, a new map of Cardiff Central, plus updates to the Great Western maps and London Bridge.

And as always, there are numerous small issues fixed:

There are other fixes, but if I were to list them all out here, you’d lose interest.

So, until next time – enjoy watching the trains!

// Peter