Summer 2016 Update

It’s been six weeks since the last release. Six weeks is a long time on the railway – rather than keep quiet about what’s happening, I thought it better to write a blog post.

I’m coming to the end of an intensely busy period of work in my day-job. I’m working with a company that’s delivering a really exciting and innovative product to the freight industry. I can’t say much about it, other than the last few months have been a real hard slog!

I am also working on lots of enhancements and features for the site, starting with updating the site’s architecture to use some of the latest technology available. Some of these changes won’t be visible, but they will be the enabler for new and exciting things.

“So what? Where are the new maps?!” you cry. They’re coming. I started work on Edinburgh a couple of months ago and the layout is as complicated as Birmingham New Street. Edinburgh’s nearly ready to go – the station layout’s in place, and I’m busy extending it both East and West at the moment. All being well, Auld Reekie will be live next week.

To everyone who’s still waiting for a reply to emails you’ve sent me – they are in a big, big list that I simply haven’t had time to look at properly yet. But, nothing gets deleted, so please sit tight, especially if you’ve reported bugs or issues.

And finally, sorry to those of you affected by some problems on the site over the last week or two where you will have seen “Failed to connect to map server” errors. These were caused by part of the site that isn’t monitored (yet) slowly filling up with old data. The site is now operating with sufficient headroom to cater for the ever-growing number of visitors to the site!

Until next time,

// Peter

2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Update

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the update. The new bit of the ME1 map has a few back holes dotted along it. Would it be helpful for me to document the missing sections (if nobody else has reported)? Regards, CU

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