What's new – 17th April 2016

This week’s release has just gone live. Due in no small part to having far too much paid work, I haven’t been able to put as much of the new maps in as I’d liked to and I also have a massive pile of email waiting to be read. If you’re one of the many people who’s emailed over the last few weeks and you haven’t had a reply, I’m really sorry that I’m so far behind. I’ve replied to about a dozen emails this morning, and I’ll continue to reduce the backlog over the next week.

So, what’s changed this week? Lots of bug fixes!

  • On the London Victoria to East Croydon map, VC780 signal at Streatham Junction was missing. The map has been redrawn to include space for the signal, which is now showing correctly on the map
  • On the Cleethorpes map, the single track section between 979 and 982 signals was drawn incorrectly. This is now fixed
  • On the North Kent map, the flyover at Lewisham was mistakenly drawn as a diveunder, and has now been redrawn correctly
  • Line names on the Liverpool Street to Romford and Romford to Ingatestone and Billericay maps have been added to make it easier to determine which are the Electric and Main Lines, particularly difficult around the flyover at Ilford
  • The Stoke on Trent map had signals 273 and 457 both showing green for the route toward Stoke-on-Trent. This was due to incorrect reference data, and has now been fixed
  • Two signals were missing from the Guildford map, causing trains to disappear after signal 922 and reappear in signal 831. This has been fixed
  • The missing crossover at Crayford on the North Kent map has been put in, and the trackwork on the London side of Dartford tidied up to make it clearer
  • A variety of missing ground position light signals on the Merseyrail (Wirral) map have been added, as well as platform numbering, signal locations and sidings added. An updated Northern Line map will follow soon
  • Some trains disappeared on the Hildenborough to Ashford International map due to the configuration of dual berths and the way they were drawn on the map – these trains now appear correctly
  • Various maps on the routes in to Ashford now have inter-map links so you can jump between maps

Work continues on the Edinburgh map, and I’ve started a new map of Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick to Tyseley. Neither are quite ready for public consumption yet, but I’m hoping to get at least one of them finished in time for the next release in a fortnight.

Until next time, please keep sending in your feedback and suggestions!

// Peter

2 thoughts on “What's new – 17th April 2016

  1. Hello,

    On the Clapham Jnc to Esher map, around the Berrylands area, trains travelling on the Down Fast line do not appear in the berth for WK327 signal. They transition from WK325 berth and breifly disappear from the map, and then reappear at WK329 when they arrive in the berth for that signal.

    It seems there is an issue with 327 berth.

    Thanks very much

  2. Hi Peter,

    Is Headcorn drawn correctly on the Hildenborough to Ashford International map? Shouldn’t platform 1 be between the tracks with signals 602 & 604 and not 604 & 606?

    Also, I think there is some pointwork missing on the Ashford International map. Currently, as drawn, there is no way for trains to get to/from the Canterbury West lines to/from platforms 1&2 Nor from signal 682 to platforms 5 or 6 (as performed by Folkestone trains going to St Pancras)

    Keep up the good work!


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