What's new – 3rd April 2016

Sunday rolls around again, far too quickly for my liking as two days of weekend doesn’t quite seem enough to keep up-to-date with all the changes Network Rail are making to the railway! Since there’s lots to do, here’s a very quick update on what’s changed on the site this week.

  • The previous release broke some maps on IE11, resulting in only the top part of maps showing. This is now fixed and has been tested on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer – please get in touch if this is still affecting you
  • The Stafford area map has been updated to include the Norton Bridge flyover which was commissioned last weekend, as well as signal aspects for the re-controlled area between Norton Bridge and Basford Hall (near Crewe)
  • The Nottingham area map, covering the area from Beeston to Nottingham and past Netherfield Junction to Newark Castle, Grantham and Allington Junction, is now live. The route from Lowdham to Newark Castle is due for resignalling in the next few months, and when this happens, this map will be extended

Emails of support and thanks continue to come in at a steady rate – many of them asking for new maps. If I could crank them out any faster, I would! One of the most popular requests has been for Edinburgh, and I’m hard at work on drawing the route from Haymarket to Musselburgh and Newcraighall. Expect this map in a few weeks, perhaps with another simpler, quicker map in the meantime.

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