What's new – 28th March

Over a month has flown by since the last release. The day job is keeping me busy and entertained with freight operations, and I’ve had insufficient time to complete this latest release any sooner. So, onwards with the news!

  • There’s a new map of the Stoke-on-Trent area, a much requested map. This enhances coverage of the West Coast routes out of Euston
  • On the Staines map, some berths around Earley, controlled from Wokingham signal box, weren’t showing any trains. This has been fixed
  • A problem with signal T883 on the Darlington map meant trains disappeared – reported by a couple of people (thanks!), and also seen by yours truly when on a trip to Edinburgh a few weeks ago. The berth has been fixed and trains show up correctly when departing platform 4

There are a couple more maps in the pipeline which I’m hoping to release in the next week or two – Nottingham and Edinburgh, both of which are popular requests. The Nottingham map will cover Beeston all the way through to the East Coast Main Line, and the Edinburgh map will cover the station area initially, but extend out to cover the routes in and out of Auld Reekie.

That’s it – enjoy the updates!

// Peter

2 thoughts on “What's new – 28th March

  1. Since your recent updates I have found that I am unable to open some of the new or updated maps. They connect but don’t display a map. I have tried refreshing the page, but it doesn’t work.

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