Slippy Map – an apology

Earlier this evening, we rolled out a ‘slippy map’ feature which lets you drag a track diagram around.

With hindsight, this wasn’t a good idea, and we didn’t test it with enough people who hadn’t requested the feature. It went down really well with people who wanted it, but several people have asked for the original functionality to be brought back.

We’ve therefore carried out an emergency code change this evening, prior to the site being much busier, to revert the functionality back to its original state. In the coming weeks, we’ll add a feature to enable the ‘slippy map’ to be toggled on and off so that, if you like it, you can use it – and if not, you don’t have to use it.

One thought on “Slippy Map – an apology

  1. Is the slippy functionality going to have zoom in the end? If so, I wasn’t able to use the pinch gesture on latest Chrome for Android.

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