Final update of 2019

The end of December is always a busy time on the railways. We’ve been hard at work updating our maps for all the Christmas works, as well as adding some new features. Here’s a summary:

  • At London Euston, the HS2 Works Sidings are now shown
  • The Bristol Parkway map boasts complete route coverage
  • Route indications are now shown on the signals controlled by Morpeth
  • The Cardiff Central map now includes the Vale of Glamorgan route with complete route coverage, as well as some route coverage around Cardiff Central
  • London Paddington now has route coverage from Ladbroke Grove to London Paddington
  • The Bedford to Syston map has the new four-track railway through Sharnbrook, plus route coverage of Sharnbrook Junction
  • Motherwell PSB has now been decommissioned, and our map shows the recontrolled area with complete route and signal coverage

This is no easy task – over the past month we’ve added nearly 3,200 new map elements, including signals, routes and berths, all by hand.

There are some additional fixes we’ll be making in the New Year, but now it’s time to shut down the computer and go celebrate the New Year.

Happy New Year!

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