What’s new – 9th September 2018

Earlier this week, we launched our updated Derby map and promised that we’d be adding route indications in due course. Today, we released the update, along with several other issues fixed:

  • A crossover from Royal Oak Sidings at Paddington was commissioned at Christmas and is now present on the map
  • We’ve included two berths at Glenrothes with Thornton which will more accurately show trains in the station
  • There’s a new pair of berths between Shiplake and Henley which will stop trains disappearing on the branch
  • Signal 2490 at Oxford now shows descriptions when trains pass through
  • Two berths near Proof House Junction outside Birmingham New Street were showing incorrect descriptions

We’re still working hard on our new Scottish map – more on that in a subsequent update.

3 thoughts on “What’s new – 9th September 2018

  1. Hi Peter
    Re the Derby map. There appears to be two sidings at Chaddesden labelled “Carriage Siding 2”
    Logic would suggest the top one ought to be Carriage Siding 1, but logic and railways don’t always go together !

    Rich Ware
    Ex Signalman, Salisbury-Exeter line

  2. With regards to the other comments on the Derby diagram, The CS at Chaddeston is No1. Trains from signal 5045 arriving in the new Platform 6 are shown as routed into Platform 5 (The old P6), often conflicting with trains departing P5, however they then arrive correctly in the new P6.

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