What’s new – 12th August 2018

This week, we’ve been working on extending existing maps to continue to cover more of the railway network, and so the following maps have extra track and signalling:

  • The York and Doncaster maps now link up with each other
  • The East Suffolk Line now appears between Woodbrige and Beccles on the Manningtree to Norwich map
  • Route indications are now present on the Berks and Hants line map
  • Manchester Airport has landed on the Wilmslow map – we’ll be extending further toward Manchester Piccadilly in due course
  • North of Chesterfield, Barrow Hill appears up until just before Masborough Junction

Due to popular request, we’re now displaying the last train that entered a platform at London Kings Cross. Let us know what you think of it – positive or negative!

We’ve also fixed bugs at Woodborough Sidings, Liverpool Lime Street, between Poynton and Adington, and signal 2215 at Swindon – all of which were reported as bugs to support@opentraintimes.com. Every email you send to the support email address is logged and used to help us prioritise what to fix and work on next.

8 thoughts on “What’s new – 12th August 2018

  1. For some reason London Liverpool Street only shows xxxx in all berths unless a new train is added.

    Also, please could the Thameslink core map have the link to the Chatham mainline at Herne Hill added?

    Good work. Very well done otherwise!

    • Ipswich Signal 367 in the triangle is also missing its head.
      The Liverpool Lime Street diagram has lots of left facing signals with the same problem to the right of signal 41. Shunt signals seem not to be effected.
      Plus 48 at Dore and 116 at Sheffield on the Wingfield Tunnel to Meadow Hall and Barrow Hill diagram.
      367 at Ipswich is the only right facing one with the problem.

  2. The Last Arrivals at Kings Cross are great – they help to tell the “story” of what is going on. It’s fascinating to see the operating practices on the KGX panel. I noticed today that when (for example) Hull Train’s 1A94 was approaching the Copenhagen Tunnel, the return working (1H05) was already showing at Platform 1.

    Also loving the join up of the Doncaster and York maps. Now we can track a service all the way from London to the Scottish border. They are no longer “off the map” for 7 or 8 minutes while passing through Colton Junction.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Good work !
    Just that last little bit to do ….. Berwick to Auld Reekie to complete the route.
    Looking forwards to seeing it.. you must be working on it… surely !

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