What's New – 10th January 2016

There’s no rest for the wicked – this week, there are two brand new maps and one extended map:

There are also a few minor fixes:

  • Schedule linking on the maps is further improved, although it still isn’t 100% perfect
  • Some missing berths on the new North Lincolnshire maps have been added
  • A few inconsistencies on the York, Darlington and Glasgow maps are now fixed
  • When a train is cancelled entirely, it will now show on a location page as ‘CANX’ for the arrival and departure times

There’s more coming in the next release in a fortnight or so – including some analytics and updates to the real-time digrams.

As always, please keep your feedback coming in to support@opentraintimes.com. Whilst I can’t get everything done each week, I really do look at every email and make a note of your feedback and comments.

// Peter

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