Last update of 2015

Christmas is a time for relaxation for some, but not everyone wants to spend their entire day drinking wine and eating mince pies. However, I seem to have been able to combine both, and I’ve spent the holiday season working on a load more tweaks and improvements to the site.

Today’s update was due yesterday, but our service provider, Linode have been hit by DDoS attacks, which meant that OpenTrainTimes appeared to be down. If these attacks continue to happen, I’ll look at moving the OpenTrainTimes infratsructure elsehwere, possibly on to multiple servers on different providers.

On to more positive news – Linode appears to be stable again, so I’ve seized the opportunity to release the code I’ve been working on over the past week or two.

Here are the highlights:

There are also a number of minor fixes to maps – mis-labelled junctions, signals and missing crossovers in particular.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with comments, suggestions and feedback in 2015. Long may it continue in 2016 – a year when the site will be even bigger, better and loved than it is now!

// Peter

4 thoughts on “Last update of 2015

  1. Hi Peter,

    FYI the blog link above for Wrawby Junction to Cleethorpes is bad, it’s good on the maps page. It would be nice to see adjacent maps as well.

    Thanks for updating Charing Cross to London Bridge, especially as doing it blind before the go live. Will check it on Monday!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. On the Dagenham Dock to Stanford-le-Hope berths 680 & 681 (the Tilbury side of Grays station) show movements the wrong way, is a down train “switches” to the up line & vice averse

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