What's new – 11th October 2015

I use f.lux to automatically dim the screen on my phone and laptop when it starts to get dark outside. It’s starting to get dark around 6pm now, which means autumn is here and winter’s not far around the corner.

The good news about darker evenings is there’s more time for me to spend inside adding new features to OpenTrainTimes – which is exactly what I’ve been doing this week! Here’s what’s new:

It wasn’t long ago that the 50th map appeared on the site, and we’re up to 65 now – and still growing.

Finally, I say this every week – please keep your emails coming in with bugs, problems, suggestions and comments. I try to keep on top of my email, but working across a number of projects in the rail industry at the moment, it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

// Peter

One thought on “What's new – 11th October 2015

  1. Peter
    Re Birmingham New St . yellow signal numbers 0191 & 0219 need removing from running plan as are signals, and seem to be “blocking” moves from up Gloucester to Plat.8. Also the arrows to & from the Derby & Stour lines are all four the wrong way around. Excellent site overall, when can we have cross-country routes in West Mids
    e.g. Banbury –Landor St ; Bromsgrove (lickey bank) – Derby/Nuneaton?. Full of all sorts of traffic Express’s,locals,freight, empty stocks,light engines etc.
    looking out for more, thanks.

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