What's new – 4th October 2015

One of the problems with working on a number of rail industry projects is that there’s not always sufficient time when I get home to do anything other than have dinner, chill out and bit and go to bed. For this reason, there’s not much to see in this week’s release:

  • A month after the real-time train reporting was rolled out, it stopped for the majority of trains – this is actually a roll-over in the TRUST Train ID, and I’ve spent some time working around this. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m releasing a fix now that caters for nearly all scenarios
  • On the St Pancras to Harpenden map, trains disappeared approaching Kentish Town platform 1 from the north end because a signal was missing. This has now been fixed, and there are also route indications to and from the platforms at the East Midlands Trains platforms
  • The Stafford map now has route indications covering both the north and south end of the station. This is no easy thing to do – there are over 108 of them!

I’m hoping to work more on the site during this week, as there are things I want to get finished off:

  • Some of the routes on the Stafford map aren’t quite right
  • There are route indications to go on the Exeter St. Davids map and the Queenstown Road to Surbiton maps
  • The London Waterloo map is still being redrawn – it’s much clearer and has route indications everywhere
  • …and a couple of other things that I’ll keep as a surprise

Time for a well-earned dinner and glass of wine, I think!

2 thoughts on “What's new – 4th October 2015

  1. Thanks so much for the addition of routes on the Stafford map! It will mean no more last minute panics when something gets randomly sent through a different platform!

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