What's new – 31st August 2015

Exciting news this week – we have real-time train tracking. This is a feature I worked on several years ago but left to one side so as not to steal anyone else’s limelight. It’s not yet perfect – VSTP movements aren’t included, and there are some performance-related bits to tune up, but it’s a good start. Feedback on this feature is really appreciated – drop me a mail.

The changes to the Crewe map to make signal aspects visible a couple of weeks ago has now kicked in, a little later than expected.

There are just two pieces of news this week.

First, the Rugeley Trent Valley to Crewe map and the Wolverhampton map have been updated to reflect the resignalling this weekend at Stafford. Both Stafford No 4 and Stafford No 5 signalboxes have been taken out of service, with control now at the Rugby Railway Operating Centre (ROC).

Further south, the London Bridge map has been updated to reflect the work carried out under the Thameslink programme. I’ve also taken the opportunity to put on some route indications on the low level side of London Bridge, although some of the data is unclear and at times, it may appear as though conflicting routes have been set. If you spot this happening, please get in touch and let me know the date and time so I can fix it.

There are also some invisible changes which will help the site run better and smoother. There were problems on Friday afternoon with maps freezing, making for a frustrating train journey for me, trying to fix them whilst suffering from poor mobile reception.

So, until next time – enjoy 🙂

// Peter

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