What's New – 23rd August 2015

I’ve not been in good health for most of this week, laid low for most of the week and unable to do much. However, I’m feeling better now and I’ve just pushed out a minor release to fix a few issues.

Last Sunday’s release accidentally rolled out a new feature that wasn’t quite ready – real-time train tracking. I decided to leave this on, but later found all trains queried on-the-day or historically were an hour out from their actual timings. This highly irritating bug (affecting me too, as I use my own website for getting around) should be fixed now, and trains from tomorrow onwards will display correct timings. It didn’t affect any future schedules, and many people use the website for looking up future planned changes.

There were also some problems with the real-time maps lagging behind reality during peak times. This is fixed too – although if you still notice maps lagging, please let me know.

Finally, good news if you run IE8 – some of the code on the site is now lighter and uses more basic technology, which means features such as the location selection dropdown on the front page will now work.

That’s it for another week. Next week’s release, which will probably be on Tuesday evening, will see an updated map of the Stafford area.

// Peter

One thought on “What's New – 23rd August 2015

  1. Thanks for all your hard work really appreciate the return of the Wellingborough maps
    and eagerly look forward to whatevers next . Hope youre feeling fully recovered.

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