A trio of maps

This week has been hard work, but there’s a surprise – three new maps!

  • The Sandwell and Dudley to Penkridge map covers Sandwell and Dudley, Wolverhampton, Portobello Junction and the line to Darlaston Junction, plus the avoiding line to Bushbury Junction, continuing to Penkridge
  • The Nuneaton to Lichfield Trent Valley map covers from just north of Nuneaton up to Lichfield Trent Valley and the chord to Winchnor Junction and on to just south of Rugeley Trent Valley
  • The Stafford map covers Rugeley Trent Valley, the line to Rugeley Town and Rugeley Power Station, part of the line to Stoke-on-Trent, the whole Stafford area including the remaining track to Penkridge, part of the line to Stone, and finishes just short of Crewe

As well as a trio of new maps, many (but not all) trains are now shown in white text where they’ve been linked to a schedule. Clicking on the white headcode will bring up the schedule for the train. It’s not perfect – there’s more work to do, but it’s a start. Some trains may be linked to the wrong service in another train describer area, and some trains may lose their link and appear in yellow text en-route. Soon, this linking will be extended to show train lateness in real-time – showing early, on-time and late trains in different colours.

There are also a few bug-fixes, including layout changes on the Brighton Main Line maps.

Until next time, enjoy the new maps and please keep emailing in your feedback!

5 thoughts on “A trio of maps

  1. Brilliant maps, I could watch them all day. Is there any chance you will be doing ones for the Taunton area and over Shap ?

    • Hi Andy – Taunton’s a possibility, I’m not sure if I have details of the signalling around that part of the world, so I’ll have to see what I can track down. Likewise for Shap – I’ve not noticed them so far, but I’ll have a dig around!

  2. Great maps! Out of interest, I notice on the Wolverhampton map there are routes shown that have been set from the signals. Is this available on any other maps at all? It really adds to it!

    • Hi Jack – adding route indications is quite a lot of work, as there are usually many routes from the same signal, and working out which is which is hard. However, many people find them useful – so I’ll see if I can add them to the other maps where I have route coverage. Is there any one in particular you’re interested in? // Peter

      • There isn’t one in particular I don’t think – however, I would absolutely love if it was possible to see them at Stafford (along with signal aspects) when control moves to Rugby as it’s my local station. Am I right or completely wrong in guessing it is because Stafford is controlled by traditional boxes that signal aspects are not shown?

        Thanks for your reply and for all your hard work!! 🙂

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