Lighting up the South West

This week’s gift to you all is signal and route indications on the London Waterloo – Queenstown Road, the Queenstown Road – Windsor, Chertsey and Longcross and the Queenstown Road – Surbiton maps.

Not all the signals are indicated – automatic signals (those which return to danger when a train passes) aren’t usually shown and have a white circle on the map, and for the area controlled by Woking ASC around Surbiton, we don’t currently have any data.

On another subject, progress on the Glasgow Central map is going slower than anticipated. If you have knowledge of the local area, please get in touch!

As usual, there are a number of bugs and improvements to the site. Here’s what’s working better than before:

  • The London Waterloo map now shows the contents of the departure (front) berths correctly. You can now see which trains are departing the station
  • On the Oxford map, the fringe between Marylebone, Banbury South, Banbury North and Oxford PSBs have been tidied up
  • The North London Line map has been tidied up around Willesden Junction, and platforms have been made consistent
  • The Tring to Wolverton map has been showing incorrect indications for some signals. This was the fault of a data error which shifted signalling data around
  • The Charing Cross, Cannon Street and London Bridge to Forest Hill showed green aspects on "Limit of Shunt" signals, which have been fixed, as well as signals 5130 and 5132 permanently showing a green indication
  • Some pointwork on the London Victoria map has been fixed and tidied up at Victoria, Streatham North and Pouparts Junction
  • Finally, the London Liverpool Street map no longer shows the same train description in berths 82 and 83

Until next time, enjoy the flashing lights on the South West Main Line maps

// Peter

2 thoughts on “Lighting up the South West

  1. Excellent work on mapping systems. A few minor signal numbering errors/mistypes noted on Queenstown Road to Surbiton diagram.
    Signal 169 on Down Fast line Clapham Junction / Earlsfield incorrectly labelled 163.
    Signal 146 on Up Slow line at Earlsfield (platform 2 starting) incorrectly labelled 140.
    Signals 206/204 on Up lines at New Malden (platform starting) incorrectly labelled 202/200 respectively.
    Also noted on Queenstown Road to Windsor lines diagrams are signals 363 and 367 either side of Southfields on the Down Putney / Westbound incorrectly labelled 361 and 365 respectively.
    On the Up Chertsey line between Chertsey and Virginia Water signal 298 is missing.

    I suspect most of these errors occurred by copying/pasting when drawing the diagrams.

    All the best for future diagrams.


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