What's New – 6th January

Happy New Year to you all! We’re back with another Sunday night update.

There’s not much to report this week – I have a few features still in development and, rather than releasing them in to the wild right now, I want to wait and see how they perform in staging this week.

This week’s updates are:

  • The slippy map is using Ordnance Survey data, as well as data from OpenStreetMap until I can get railway network data from Network Rail
  • You can now link to specific locations on the map – click ‘Permalink’ and copy and paste the URL from your browser
  • The signalling maps and slippy map load properly on Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10 – although the ‘feedback’ button is still incorrectly positioned. If anyone knows how I can fix this, please get in touch
  • A few hundred missing location names have been entered in to the database, so you shouldn’t see trains to CLPHMJ1 any more
  • Signalling maps now show the number of people viewing the map at the same time as you

Until next week, have fun and keep sending in your feedback!

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