What's New – 23rd December

There are two important updates to the site this week.

First, the Kings Langley – Wolverton map includes the new signalling being commisioned at Bletchley over Christmas. The fast lines are due to be back in operation on Thursday 27th December, and the slow lines on Monday 31st December.

Second, the the Wolverton – Northampton – Rugby map now includes Rugby station.

As usual, there are a bunch of minor things that I’ve fixed based on feedback:

  • Signalling maps are fixed in Internet Explorer 9
  • The (more…) links on the PPM Detail pages now work on Apple devices
  • Routes and track circuits aren’t displayed on signalling where the information isn’t yet available
  • The ‘help’ buttons now work again
  • The globe icon on the front page now works
  • Some missing signals have been added to maps

Over the Christmas break, I’ll be working on more real-time statistics and historical data – but not until after I’ve eaten plenty of turkey, Brussels sprouts and Christmas pudding!

Happy Christmas!

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