New features in 2nd December 2012 release

Wow, what a busy few weeks I’ve had! Two hours a day of my free time has been taken up by commuting across London to a temporary contract. Updates have therefore been a little slow, although I’ve made the best use I can of my mega-commute.

This week’s highlights:

Signalling diagrams

Statistics and Information

As well as all of those, the site is ready for Network Rail’s release of S-Class data, where available, from train describers. When this becomes live, some of the maps will show signal aspects (red or green), routes set from signals and track circuit occupation.

Thanks to everyone who’s emailed in asking for maps of specific areas. I’m working on geographical maps, and I’m looking for volunteers to use a GPS device to record the routes of trains. The more data the better – wait for the next blog post, which will have all the juicy details.

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