The opening of Barking Riverside

On Monday 18th July 2022, the Barking Riverside extension opens. This is an extension of the Gospel Oak to Barking route further eastwards and includes provision for a new station at Renwick Road.

This morning, we’ve released a substantial change to two of our maps. Previously, we had separate maps for the LT&S route from Fenchurch Street to Southend, but now we’ve merged those maps in to one, and added a load of detail around the freight sidings at Dagenham in addition to the new Barking Riverside station.

Just a reminder that the Met Office have issued a red warning of extreme heat covering London for Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th July. If you were thinking of making a trip out to see the new station, please don’t. TfL are advising essential travel only for these two days, and your health and comfort is far more important than using a new station on its first day.
Geoff Marshall’s comments on the essential travel only advisory

Please do the responsible thing – don’t travel unless it’s essential. You can always watch the trains our our new map from the relative comfort and safety of your computer or mobile device.

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