May bug-fixes and Samsung browsers on Android

This week, we’ve been busy looking at a problem with the Samsung Internet browser continually trying to connect to our maps. At the moment, we’re unsure what the exact problem is – if you’re affected, please use another browser for the time being, such as Chrome or Firefox (other browsers are available). For the technically minded, when the Samsung browser connects to our load balancer, it seems not to upgrade the HTTPS connection to a Websocket connection properly, and we’re not sure why.

Since we’ve been preoccupied, there’s only a bunch of minor updates to announce:

  • We’ve updated the North Kent Line map to add the connection in to the Crossrail Core east of Abbey Wood
  • We’ve tidied up Fawkham Junction, adding signal and route indications
  • The signal and route indication problem with the Crewe – Shrewsbury map is no longer present, so we’ve removed the warnings and drawn in further router indications
  • Signals at Littlehampton were shown as colour-light signals, but are in fact semaphore signals. We’ve updated our map to make this clear, and adding BH72 signal at Arundel which was missing
  • The two junctions at Tonbridge are now labelled East and West, and not both the same name, defying the compass
  • Routes from T560 signal at Purley were incorrectly drawn in to platform 4, rather than platform 5 as they are in reality
  • As well as fixing the name of Castle Donington siding on the Sheet Stores Junction map, we’ve added in East Midlands Gateway which was built after the maps we were working from. We also have routes around Trowell and Ilkeston Junctions
  • Some routes at Leicester weren’t indicating correctly, so we’ve fixed these
  • The routes from WK802 at Woking were incorrectly drawn due to a mis-positioned crossing, which we’ve resolved
  • At Clay Mills Junction, routes were showing incorrectly from signal 184, and routes were also showing incorrectly at Burton-on-Trent and Leicester Junction
  • Platform 1 at Retford is now drawn in the right place

And finally – to everyone who’s asked when our Crossrail/Elizabeth Line/Purple Train map will be available‚Ķ it’ll be the day before the line officially opens to the public.

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