April 2020 Update

Just in time for the end of the month, and we’re back with the updates that have taken place on the site over the past few weeks.

Keep safe and remember – don’t travel unless it’s absolutely necessary.

7 thoughts on “April 2020 Update

  1. Hi Peter. The extended Manchester Piccadilly Map is goos, covering all the way to the Stockport map. Can you check services routes on the Slow from Slade Lane awat from Manchester. I think you have berth MP11 and MP9 the wrong way around. Thanks as ever. James

  2. Somewhat belatedly, thanks for adding the Faversham, etc. map. But …

    … it’s Chestfield, not Chelsfield.

  3. There is a gross mistake at Wickford .When a train from Southminster joins the main line at Wickford the wrong route illuminated strips show.

  4. More on the Faversham, etc., map.

    There are some signals missing on the line from Canterbury East to Faversham. From a combination of lineside observations (vegetation permitted) and viewing this Hastings Diesel cab view (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwBrC7joNCQ), I offer the following, after signal 4366 (Selling tunnel):

    4360 (Clock House Crossing);

    4356 (A2 bridge).

    Then 4354 on the approach to the Faversham junction, with a banner repeater at the Love Lane bridge.

  5. Mike,

    I also have found using the Hastings Diesels in cab videos useful when writing bug reports and submitting them to the Open Train Times support email address.
    I have referenced several of the Cleethorpes Clipper series when bug hunting up the ECML to Peterborough and then to Retford on both routes and the Barnetby to Cleethorpes diagram.
    I have also used in cab video from a Freight train series in the South East taken from a 66 or may be a 59.

  6. At Marylebone signals 16 and 17 do not go to Red.Do on the ground.Green indication all the time
    At Wickford the route set off the Southminster branch the wrong route lights illuminate

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