What’s new – 11th March 2018

The weekends are never long enough to do everything we want to do. Still, we’ve managed to get a new map of Blackpool North and South finished, and also fixed a number of little bugs:

  • At Hayes & Harlington, we’ve split out the ‘last received’ platform berth and we now show the next train due to leave the bay platform
  • More routes are now on the Slough map
  • One of the routes from WK375 signal at Woking was drawn over the wrong set of points, which we’ve fixed
  • The positioning of some shunt signals at Feltham was wrong, so we’ve moved them around to be correct
  • At Bromley North, the route indications out of the two platforms were swapped around
  • Many of the station links on the Victoria to Nunhead map didn’t work, so we’ve plumbed them in and also added additional route indications
  • At Acton Main Line, SN205 signal was mispositioned on the wrong line

We’ve still got lots of support tickets to get through, so we’ll be spending most of our time this week trying to get the number down.

5 thoughts on “What’s new – 11th March 2018

  1. Hi Peter

    Blackpool map looking great……Can you check the signal numbering out at the Preston end seems to go 531, 535, 533. I am sure that the last two should be the other way around…….


  2. Many thanks for the new Blackpool Diagram area. Just one little tiny typing error on a station name Kirkham & Westham is actually Kirkham & Wesham.

  3. Suggested mods for SCU1 – shunt signal at Sanderstead used by reversing trains not shown – sorry don’t know the number. Secondly Cowden/Ashurst/Eridge – first berth Plat 2 Ashurst should instead be in Cowden/Ashurst single line as you have got for Eridge/Crowborough. Hope that’s useful.

    • The signal is 1356.
      There is also a problem with the track layout at the junction with the main line as South Croydon. The problem is also on the East Croydon to Horley diagram.
      I will do an email to the normal support email address, perhaps Peter could link our request so that Jan can see my full input.
      David Mould

  4. On the Bristol parkway map, St Andrews signal box has been closed and also the P.S.B. at Bristol Temple Meads. the whole area being controlled from T.V.S.C. at Didcot. They did a good job Resignalling Bristol, but at the moment seems to be throwing up some problems. also what I have been told the map of Cheltenham will need an update soon, as some Resignalling is taking place there..also between Filton Abbey Wood and Lawrence Hill 2 extra tracks are being reinstated after being removed by British Rail in the seventies. these will be known as the up and down Filton relief, and up and down Filton main. so extra signalling will need to be added when you complete the Bristol map.

    Regards paul.

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