What’s new – 21st January 2018

This week has been crazily busy – we have a brand new map, and also an updated map for you:

Some of the minor issues fixed this week include platforms at Grangetown near Cardiff Central, signal 2041 at Bristol Parkway mislabelled, routes on the Banbury and Oxford maps, and the link between the Victoria and Chatham maps.

Please keep on reporting problems to support@opentraintimes.com – we keep track of every message you send so we can get back to you.

Until next time, enjoy the new maps!

2 thoughts on “What’s new – 21st January 2018

  1. Peter,

    Thank you for the Ascot, Pribright Junction to Alton diagram.
    I have spotted a few bugs including two on the adjoining diagram at Ascot.
    I will do a report Tuesday 23 / Wednesday 24 January as I am still checking out some of the less frequently used routings.

    David Mould

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