What’s new – 25th June 2017

Monday’s problems on the website has caused us to scale our release plans back a bit to make sure the site’s stable. Some of the work we’ve done since Monday has involved adding in extra monitoring to check that our fixes have been successful and, so far, they have been.

So, what have we added?

The biggest thing is the new Gloucester map, which links up with the Bromsgrove and Swindon maps, covering Gloucester to near Chepstow, Stroud and Stonehouse to Standish Junction, Gloucester Yard and all the way up to just outside Bristol Parkway. We’re planning to extend our coverage westwards too.

We’ve also fixed numerous little things, from platform numbers and junction links on the Warrington map, to missing signals between Crewe and Winsford, some TVM430 marker boards which should have been limit-of-shunt markers at Staines, and missing signals at Worting Junction. We’ve also taken off the schedule count on the Schedule Search page, which was causing inefficient database lookups and contributing to Monday’s issue.

Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch over the past fortnight – it’s time to sit in the remains of the sunshine with a glass of wine and chill out for a bit.

6 thoughts on “What’s new – 25th June 2017

  1. Hi Peter

    A quick fix for you here…Check the berth numberings from Winsford to Crewe on the up fast and slow

    128…120…124 (US)
    126…118…122 (UF)

    Numbers need swapping around I think!



  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the updates: great work as always!

    Looks as if signals 1321 and 1322 between Kemble and Swindon have been transposed. 1322 should be on the Up Kemble and 1321 on the Down. At the moment, trains are jumping tracks!

  3. Hello! Delighted to see Gloucester map. At Gloucester Station, Signal 333 possibly too far right. In operation, service trains rarely use that track heading or coming in from the East. They use the ladder before.

  4. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the Gloucester map. Here’s a few problems I’ve noted:-

    1) There’s a missing signal and berth between UM91 and UM89A (Gloucester-Cheltenham). The signal is UM90, located right next to MP 90/II.

    2) At the western end of the Chepstow line, there are loops on both Up and Down lines (these are just east of Lydney station). The track layout is correct, but the starter signal for the Down loop (labelled 1039) and it’s associated berth are doing strange things. I suggest maybe the signal should be 1309, though I haven’t been to verify that on the ground yet. The signal protects a busy level crossing, but shows green most of the time. Incidentally Lydney station lies between signals 1422/1423 and the loops. Also, the siding connecting to the Up loop is the Dean Forest’s main-line link (any publicity gratefully received!)

    3) At the the Chepstow end of Gloucester station, there’s a duplicate track going into the berth at signal 60.

    Also I’ve just noticed, on the Cheltenham-Bromsgrove map, the signals marked UM9A and UM9B at the Gloucester end should be labelled UM89A and UM89B (they are correct on the Gloucester map)

    Thanks for all your hard work, it’s a fantastic resource.


  5. There appears to be a problem at Lydney (platforms not yet shown_ with both the Down Loop and Main having conflicting routes set from them, and conflicting signals. Excellent to see this, as I live in Chepstow, and look forward to seeing this all linked up to Cardiff! Thank you!

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