What’s new – 11th June 2017

The last fortnight has been hard work, but we’re very pleased to bring you more maps!

  • The Crewe (exc.) to Leyland map fills in the gap between the Crewe and Preston maps, covering Warrington Bank Quay and Wigan North Western stations
  • The Southampton area map now has route indications in a number of places, and more to come
  • The Letchworth to Waterbeach map has now been extended up to Kings Lynn, linking up at Peterborough (although with a massive gap in train describer coverage) and to the Ely to Norwich map
  • The Thameslink Core map now has route indications throughout, especially useful south of Blackfriars

As always, a number of smaller issues have been fixed, and we’re grateful to everyone who’s emailed or contacted us to report small inaccuracies in our maps.

And finally, we’re currently working through the backlog of support requests – there are about 30 waiting to be answered, and a mixture of quick and not-so-quick tasks. If we haven’t gotten around to replying, we will do soon.

3 thoughts on “What’s new – 11th June 2017

  1. It’s excellent website it certinley beats National Rail app.
    Any chance of creating an app.
    Also can you add Portchester, Fareham, Botly to Eastleigh.
    Emsworth to Chichester and Barnham.
    Also Bristol T Meads, Seven Tunnel Junction.
    That would be great.

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