What’s new – 14th May 2017

Another Sunday is upon us, and having looked back at the last fortnight, it doesn’t seem like there’s much going on from a casual glance. But we’re hard at work on some other projects with train operators to bring an industry-strength version of OpenTrainTimes to operational staff. If you work in the industry and want to see how we can help you bring greater situational awareness to your operations, please get in touch!

We’ve had many requests to join up the Westbury and Exeter maps, covering Tiverton Parkway and Taunton, so we’ve extended the Exeter map for you! We’ve also launched our 100th map – this time of the Sunderland area, controlled by one of the Tyneside IECCs. This joins up with the Newcastle map and covers the Tyne & Wear Metro to South Hylton, and down to Hartlepool.

We’ve also fixed a very subtle bug which caused train schedules not to be properly updated from 25th April to 9th May. The problem was due to corrupt data we received, and we’ve done a thorough investigation in to what happened and how to fix it.

The next update will be in a fortnight’s time – hopefully with our Warrington area map finished, plus some of the smaller, more detailed maps for suburban parts of the railway.

11 thoughts on “What’s new – 14th May 2017

    • Thanks, we’ve just found the issue and fixed it. There are also some berths near Heworth which aren’t working which we’ll fix too

    • Thanks! The signals and berths at Exeter are complex – we’d missed this berth off. It is fixed now.

      • Thanks Peter…Also, route setting into loops shows, but not the exit routes

        At Cogload, the route from 112 to DM159 doe not illuminate when a train passes through it and also seem to go into a black hole there…

        Is it quite an old TD at Exeter?

        • Yes, Exeter is an older TD than most, and it looks like there were capacity constraints on how much data the TD could send out. For example, E112 and E14 don’t output any route data – this might be because there’s only one route available from them. E193 does, because it has two routes.

          I’ll take a look at DM159 – it may be that I’ve made a mistake when wiring up the berth!

          • Hi Peter
            Would be interesting to see if route data is available for signals:
            E89, E189, E289, E389
            E63, E163
            E42, E142
            This would cover all the main routes used on the addition to the Exeter map that you have added today, which I must add at this point, looks very good!



  1. Thank you for the new Taunton map it’s brilliant. At Cogload Junction, signal E14 should be to the left of the flyover just before the crossover and there is a missing signal E114 for coming down the flyover from Bristol. If you could extend the map through Somerton with the signals there to link up with the Castle Cary map sometime that would be great.

  2. Will the new Warrington map link up with the Leyland to Lancaster?
    Your maps are fantastic and very much appreciated.

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