What’s new – 12th March 2017

We’d planned to get more done over the last fortnight, but keeping the site stable and the day-job takes precedence. But rather than delay this week’s release so we can get more done, we’re going to make the new maps live today and carry forward the other work scheduled.

We’ve also fixed routes from W1090 signal at Barnes, added a route indication to WH212 signal at Kentish Town, tidied up the Harrowgate and North London Lines maps a bit, added some more indications on, and fixed the title of, the Leeds West map and lit up 501 signal at Tonbridge.

Phew. Back to work!

8 thoughts on “What’s new – 12th March 2017

  1. North of Newcastle upon Tyne looks good. Well done.
    I presume no signalling north of Morpeth is ‘cos you can’t get feeds out of Morpeth Box? Maybe some time in the future.
    Good work Peter.

  2. Hi, thanks for your great maps!
    Have noticed the trains to and from Kirk Sandal / Doncaster jump traks and go wrong direction eg. Go 307, 688, 684.
    Minor error at lpswich as there is a route from 333 to 401 and route from 4018 at New Cross Gate does not go to 4444 on the ELL map.

  3. Great Work.
    Just a thought, as there are so many maps available now, would it be possible to have a name search for stations and junctions and then load the relevant map?

  4. Thanks for the great new Manors to Berwick map (my neck of the woods). I can now follow a service all the way from Kings Cross to Scotland – except for that little area near Colton Junction. Trains disappear into a void for about 8 minutes. Any plans to bridge the gap?

  5. April.2016, you advised you were working on Stratford upon Avon ,Warwick, Tyseley. Any advance please?.
    Rest of site brilliant and very interesting/useful.

  6. I have been watching the Waterloo to Clapham map observing the management of trains round the Bank Hol block of the Mains side of Waterloo – with the purpose of forming some sort of opinion on how things will work out during the August blockade at Waterloo. There seems to be numerous errors in your display of signal aspects and routes in the Windsor lines between Vauxhall and Queenstown Road often with the trains apparently passing red signals. This is an area which will get a lot of attention in the near future so you might like to get your website issues sorted soon! I will be advising the powers-that-be that it is impossible to get everything they plan across the single ladder of crossovers from the Windsors to the Main fasts and slows!

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