What's new – 2nd October 2016

Last week’s release didn’t happen. There are times in life where there’s simply too much to do, and you need to take a bit of time out and have some fun! The past fortnight has been that, so we decided to delay the release rather than deploy it in a perfunctory style.

We’ve just deployed the updated code to the site, with the following points of note:

  • With the new Derby map, we’ve now completed the Midland Mainline route from St Pancras all the way to Sheffield! The map will be extended over the coming weeks to fill in the gaps toward Burton-on-Trent and Stenson Junction
  • The long-standing bug with signals L155 and L148 on the London Bridge map has been fixed, which was an issue with the train describer rather than our maps
  • Some misdrawn signals on the Merseyrail Northern Line map have been fixed
  • Cricklewood Sidings on the London St Pancras International to Harpenden map have been added, although there’s little train describer coverage
  • On the Norwood Junction and London Victoria to East Croydon maps, we’ve corrected a number of small mistakes in what is a very complicated area. We’re not going to list them all here, but if you spot any further issues, please get in touch!
  • Some maps now have fringes between signalling areas indicated on them, such as the East London Line and London Bridge maps
  • At Wimbledon, none of the trains signalled by London Victoria ASC were showing up, which we’ve fixed

We’re still hard at work on the Westbury map, and we’ve started a detailed map of the non-passenger parts of Wembley. Those will be out in the next few weeks – fingers crossed – and hopefully we’ll have the new version of the site up and running for Christmas!

Until next time, enjoy the new map of Derby!

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