What's new – Sunday 25th October 2015

Summer’s officially over – the mornings aren’t as light, and the evenings are darker. To make up for this, there are four new or updated maps!

  • The York map has been extended to Thirsk
  • The Darlington map map covers Thirsk, Northallerton, Darlington and Durham, plus the Northallerton to Eaglescliffe and Darlington to Eaglescliffe routes
  • The Newcastle map covers Durham to Newcastle, plus Dunston, Manors and Heworth
  • The Sileby to Langley Mill map has been redrawn, covering Sileby to Sheet Stores Junction, some of the route to Stenson Junction and Derby, plus Toton and Beeston

As always, I’ve been hard at work fixing the smaller bugs that you’ve been reporting – the highlights are:

  • The Crewe map includes ‘train ready to start’ indications for the platforms at Crewe
  • The Exeter map includes has some fixes which caused trains to disappear around Dawlish (no, not in to the sea!)
  • Sometimes, map elements would appear with large yellow sections due to a code problem – that’s been fixed

I have a well-earned holiday coming up shortly, so expect some non-map related features in the next release, probably in a fortnight’s time!

5 thoughts on “What's new – Sunday 25th October 2015

  1. Great to see the extent of the Midland Mainline now reaching into Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The complexities around Trent junction and the Erewash become clearer. Now curious to see how /spc4 will reach north into /spc5.

  2. Fantastic site . Living in Dartford I use it all the time
    Can I give one comment that on the North Kent East Junction to Dartford map at
    New Cross Signals 215 and 221 are on the up slow line when they should be on the line below the down fast [or down Charing Cross as it is at present.] The trains number still work perfectly anyway.

  3. Great work, very impressed with the York extension, the Darlington area and Tyneside area maps, well done for all your hard work!
    A couple of wee snags:
    Darlington station platforms not numbered; trains running north into Pl4 berth for 883 sig disappear at that location.
    South end of King Edward Bridge on Tyneside map, there is a route missing. ie. between berth for 242 sig to berth for 234 sig.
    Having said that it all works very well, I am impressed.
    Could I push my luck and request you extend the north end of Tyneside map to include south and north ends of Heaton depot please and towards the Benton Quarry junction for The Blyth and Tyne link?

  4. Good afternoon Sir,
    if I may advise of a couple more glitches on Tyneside map please:
    Stop / proceed indications are cross connected on HLB signals as follows..
    522 –> 547 also
    524 –> 549.
    Berth occupancy appear to be correct but signals clear incorrectly.

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