Wembley Mainline and East London Line maps

It’s Sunday evening again, which means it’s time to announce the work I’ve done over the last seven days – and it’s all map-related.

Maps take an incredibly long time to get right – there’s no quick way of drawing them other than by hand. Despite this, I finished drawing Kensal Green to Hatch End on the London Euston – Hatch End map earlier today. There’s more work needed – the relief lines at Willesden aren’t correct as the documentation I have misses out signals.

As a surprise extra, I drew out the East London Line from Highbury & Islington down to Surrey Quays. Again, it requires more work, and there are a couple of bugs at Highbury & Islington, and also one at Dalston Junction.

If you know either of the routes well and would like to help out, please get in touch.

I also spent a chunk of time working on showing Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs). The code will be ready for next week.

This week, I’m planning on making the site quicker. I’ve tested some significant speed improvements when looking up train schedules in a test environment, and I’m looking to put these in to production very soon. The production database has more than 600,000 train schedules and 9,000,000 calling points – sorting through these can take a couple of seconds.

Once again, thank you to everyone who’s been in touch over the past week. Keep sending in your feedback and comments! If you’re on Twitter, follow @opentraintimes, and of course, at the OpenTrainTimes Facebook page.

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