New site release

It’s a week since I relaunched the site, and there’s been a steady stream of messages coming in reporting bugs, offering thanks or suggesting new features. Please, keep them coming!

I have just deployed new code to the server which should fix these bugs:

  • The signalling map sometimes didn’t load berth data, resulting in seeing a screen with four numbers in boxes
  • Bedford South Junction was missing from the Bedford – Luton map
  • The ‘favourite’ icon wasn’t appearing in browsers
  • The feedback button sometimes overlapped, invisibly, some schedules making it impossible to click the ‘i’ button
  • Allowances were shown in hours and minutes, and are now shown in minutes

There’s a bunch more work to do this week. Amongst other things, I’m working on speeding the site up – there are times when it’s impossibly slow for seemingly no reason. I’m also half way there with a map of London Euston – Hatch End (Wembley Mainline) and I hope this will be in next week’s release.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and lovely emails!

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